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Hurry! This Special Code Expires...


Have Questions?

Have Questions?

Shopify™ Store Owner? Cheated out of your data? Suffering from Lagging Revenues? Then…

“Use These FREE Tools and Set up a “Hybrid Tracking” System That Bypasses Zuck to 95% Accurate Ads Tracking”

Newly Created. Finally there’s:

  • No expensive, high cost attribution softwares needed
  • Retracing and track past and future missing data
  • The answer to scaling (accurately) from here on out.
The 4080Marketing team of nerds created a unique hybrid process that matches Facebook™, Offline data, and Google™ Analytics™ to answer your Shopify™ advertising prayers. 

The writer of this message would like to free you from advertising prison. See exactly how to set this up in less than 90 mins with the process created below. 

Could be:  $199/month 

Our One Time Price: $49

(And it will NOT be higher than this)

Dear Shopify™ Store Owner,

2021 was characterized by iOS Blackouts in ad accounts.

2022 should be worse. Criminally worse, in fact.  

But for those who read this page, and see what’s in store for their ad account, their store, and their bottomline…

They’ll be rewarded with:

The most visible revenue from their ads and attribution they’ve ever seen
An end to paying for recurring (and high priced) attribution softwares. 
And a guaranteed offer to win the war on attribution

But here’s what you won’t suffer anymore. 

Playing “Pin the Tail on Zuck” and throwing a dart at your best ad sets
Finally identifying fake winners and fake losers…
Throwing good spend after bad ads

So if you’ve been saying anything like this recently:

→ “My ads were setting records, then iOS came and my ads tanked.”

→ “iOS changes have made scaling impossible. I don’t know what ad sets to increase budget on, and when I do, our CPA skyrockets”

→ “We were doing well before iOS 14… then everything stopped working. We’ve tested dozens of audiences and creatives and nothing is working”

The following information on this page has you fully covered

One that fixes the iOS data-visibility problem.
One that allows for better ads attribution than before iOS updates.
One that gives power back to the ecomm brands.

Ultimately? It’s free resources nobody thought to pair together that gives you the confidence in scaling ads again. 

Welcome to the WAR on Your Attribution
The Following is Your Shopify™ Battleplan


It’s my intention to give you the answers here. But I’ll need to show you the tech, the stack, and the full proof. 

That means by implementing this shockingly simple solution, you’ll discover…

  • BETTER attribution than you were getting pre-iOS 14 updates. 
  • ​The ability to see all of your Facebook™ Ads conversions in a custom report - using your first-party data
  • ​Better, faster decisions for when to kill and scale ad sets… so no more wasted spend!
  • ​Easily access, read, and act on your data. It shouldn’t take a data scientist to read your marketing metrics, or to make decisions with them.
  • ​Accurate data within one hour of set-up. No developer needed.
  • ​No high monthly cost. Just a one-time fee (in fact, less than a meal for one)
  • ​iOS 15+ proof. Your first-party data is yours - Apple can’t do anything about that
  • ​Track and verify all conversions coming through your business
  • Improve the AOV on your store making you more resilient to increasing ad costs
  • ​Uncover how to message your customer based on the market you are in and increase CVR as a result.
  • ​Maximize the amount of 🤑 you make per customer by focusing not only on a one time sale but increasing the lifetime value of all customers.
And here’s something potentially the most important thing I’ll write in this letter to you. 

I don't think Zuck ever told you this. But...

It's. YOUR. Data. 

(Here's how you get it all back)


Firstly, I need to explain the iOS situation, and why you’re drowning in the waters when it comes to FB™ advertising…

  • Apple automatically opts-out users of third party tracking on iOS devices with the rollout of iOS 14
  • This means that Facebook can’t report OR optimize on data from opted-out usersMeaning Facebook™ can’t report OR optimize on data from opted-out users
  • Since iOS users are 59% of the market (as of December 2021)… a large percentage of conversions disappeared overnight from ads manager

Secondly, here’s where things get super interesting…

  • Apple’s iOS updates say nothing about what a business and consumer can do with THEIR OWN data.

It’s YOUR data. Don’t forget that.

Just take Opey for example

In addition to being an amazing coach for our clients here at 4080 Marketing, he also is part-owner of a multi-7 figure fashion brand.

In April 2021, his account began to see ad blackouts from iOS changes take effect.

His Facebook™ reported sales were $91,859 at a 2.84x ROAS.

Yet his actual, backend Shopify sales were $200k.

And Facebook™ was his only advertising channel so we knew exactly where the conversions were from.

(Hey! That’s absolutely terrifying ☝️)
(So don’t skip past it)
Knowing that, how can anyone make advertising decisions while missing that much data?

Sure you could make estimates. But may as well throw darts at a dart board. 

And just to prove this, take a look at this ad set for example…
Facebook™ is reporting 13 purchases at 1.7x ROAS… but this ad set could have very easily had 30 or more purchases due to the attribution difficulties post iOS 14.5.

That’s a difference of 230% more sales. And a ROAS of 3.5x.
Why on earth would you ever turn that off?
What’s worse, most of us saw not only reporting losses, we started seeing actual… real… losses in profits.

And NOBODY was immune to these changes. Not even the best marketers. Not even those with insider information…

That’s When I Brought Out The Nerds To Get 95% Accurate Data on All Customer Purchases…

And luckily for me, the nerds are me and my team.

It means if you’ve tried ANY of the following and still struggle to get the results you need with Facebook​​™ Ads:

  • Dozens of creative tests
  • New funnels or landing pages
  • BOGO, 50% off… and every other offer you can think of
  • ​ABO, CBO, dynamic creative, manual bidding… and a million other “ad hacks”

… you probably don’t have a funnel, offer, or creative problem.

You have an urgent (yet very fixable) data problem. And sadly before today, there wasn’t really a proper solution. 

At least one that didn’t involve software engineers or insane out of pocket fees. So…

How DID we create a custom attribution tracker… 

… Using freely available softwares…

… that won’t cost a small 4-figure (yearly) sum?

Also has zero unreliable UTMs.

Or pixels that get easily sniped by ad blockers.

And fully complies with all privacy regulations.

So if you’re suffering from ad blackouts, invisible attribution, and dwindling profits…

Here’s how we put this back in your pocket for good. 

Well, this is the Nerdy Part. But a Must-Read…

(Become iOS-Proof)
iOS updates only speak about what THIRD PARTIES – aka Facebook™ – can do with customer data. 

What happens between you and the customer stays between you and the customer, and we’re free to use that data as we wish.

So as long as we are able to track from the first click to the purchase… we can reduce any signal loss from privacy updates.

This means if a conversion comes from Facebook™, you will see that conversion for the corresponding campaign, audience, and ad within our report.

So here’s how this unique “Hybrid Tracking” system works for you.

It’ll require a little bit of tech set up on your part. And don’t worry about that because…
1️⃣ → We have A-Z modules walking you over it. I tested this with my own father (who’s not really that great with technology, and he got there with my help. This is basically the same). 

2️⃣ → This is the reason this is ludicrously cheap. It’s DIY. If this is a trade off for you, I promise it shouldn’t because we’re even guaranteeing a successful set up here. 

Never, EVER Miss Customer Data Again… 
95% Verified Accuracy no matter what 
FB™ or Apple™ does…

Firstly → We have to get Facebook™ set up properly. 

Secondly → We have to get it tracking “OFFLINE” purchases 

Thirdly → We combine it with Google™ Tag Manager (and Analytics)

Doing this is what we call “Hybrid Tracking” because it’s covering ALL your bases. Not only are you getting the best of both worlds…

It’s extending your conversion window, scraping URLs from purchases into Google™, and giving you better tracking in ads manager, and a custom report in Google™ Analytics. 

Done right, congratulations! The gaps are now filled on your data, customers, and profits.

And in order for me to show you this, and help you install it, we’ll work through the following 5 phases together:


iOS Basic Setup

For your ad account, it is really important to get the basics done right, this includes, domain verification, CAPI integration & Aggregated Event Measurement all setup correctly for optimal performance in your ad account

Offline Events

Utilize the power of offline events to serve Facebook™ with as much data as possible and fill in the gaps missed by the pixel and CAPI, this will assist you with creating more efficient retargeting audiences as well as stronger lookalike audiences as well.

Google Analytics Basic Tracking

Learn how to track your ad conversions within Google Analytics using UTM’s and harness the power of understanding how your customers behave on your store, this comes with a FREE template for you to import directly into your GA account.

Google Tag Manager Tracking (Advanced)

This is the flagship tracking for the iOS tracking Academy, so far when using this tracking method we have a 95% hit rate on ALL Facebook™ conversions within the report provided. Using Google Tag Manager, you’re able to see all purchase conversions coming from Facebook™ ads, while these get attributed back to the relevant ad set and ad that got the conversion. Finally, visibility!

iOS Survival Kit

This is designed to assist you with improving and understanding Average Order Value (AOV), getting the maximum value from all your visitors. Your Conversion Rate (CVR), to make customers convert on your site at a higher rate. And Lifetime Value (LTV), so each of those customers purchases more often. It’s a triple whammy of conversion profits. 
And if we do this right, here’s what you’ll start to immediately do:
  • STOP turning off winning campaigns, ad sets and ads (AKA not cutting off your revenue source…) → Which starts to increase topline revenue
  • An END to leaving on loser campaigns, ad sets and ads (AKA bleeding profits) → This decreases your cost, and scales your budget
  • ALLOWS you to scale up winning campaigns since you actually see what is getting purchases → This further increases “visible” revenue

In fact, Allow Me To Prove it in Two Ways Here:

1. An example of my own client
2. I’ll put my personal warchest on the line
A client of ours spends roughly $50K per month on ads at a 2x ROAS. And here are their stats for last month.

Average Order Value = $43
Cost per Purchase = $21.50
Ad Spend = $49,300
Revenue = $101,280
ROAS = 2.05x
Purchases = 2,355

Let’s break down how “Hybrid Tracking” solves ALL of these issues. 
Looking at the first…

1️⃣   Turning off a Truly Winning Ad Set…

Do ya SEE that 0.41x ROAS? Well, I think we’d agree that we’d both kill this ad-set. 

But the reality is that it’s generating purchases at a 4x ROAS! Turning this ad set off could cost tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars over the it’s run time… and that’s forgetting how those customers may purchase a ton more and add massive LTV.

So if you truly know what your ads are generating… you *WON’T* turn this off.

Make sense? Then, next up…

2️⃣   Turning off a True *Losing* Ad Set…

Here we have an ad set that shows a 0.62x ROAS.

BUT WAIT! Because above, we saw an ad set that was displaying a 0.41x ROAS but really had a 4x ROAS.

So this one could be just like that…. right?

Our CPC and CTR are super similar to the other ad-set we just looked at. So maybe it’s performing just as well, huh?

Well, here’s where most of us are lying blind like a deer in the headlights. 

Because a deep dive into this campaign shows a 0.62x ROAS. 

Ouch. And this ad set has over $519 in spend. Super ouch.

Repeat that 10 times over this month, and we’ve literally wasted half of our profits for the month. 

It’s actually stomach churning when you think about how we play with our cash. But let’s get to the third way “Hybrid Tracking” solves your issues.

3️⃣   Scaling Your Winners!

Imagine we’re spending $50K/month and identify 8 winning ad sets that each average 3.5x ROAS. 

We take them and scale each from $50 a day to $100 a day. So doubling them.

Here’s what happens by my advertising calculations:
🧮 $50 in extra spend per ad set per day * 30 days * 8 ad sets * 3.5x ROAS 
= $42,000 in EXTRA REVENUE per month from $12k extra ad spend.
Amazing. Now that’s bulking out our top line revenue… let’s focus on cutting MORE bleeding campaigns?

Let’s look at our $50K/month spend, and identify 20 truly LOSING ad sets which generate zero sales after a few hundred bucks in spend. 

Now that we have accurate data, we can make a true cutting decision after only $200 in spend, whereas before we needed to wait til we got to $400 in spend because we didn’t trust our data.

Using our trust ad calculator, here’s what we find:
🧮 $200 saved per losing ad set * 20 ad sets = $4,000 in wasted spend RECOVERED. That goes directly to our bottom line.
That means one thing for you: More profits.

Let’s check out our new ROAS and net revenue.
Our New ROAS Is: $142,000 / ($62,000 - $4,000) = 2.44x ROAS.

(Hey! That’s Absolutely Terrifying ☝️)
(So Don’t Skip Past It)

Pre-iOS Tracking Academy:

We Had: 

$100k Revenue
$50k Ad Spend

= $50k net revenue (before COGS, labor, etc. etc.)

We Also Had: 

❌ Unclear data
❌ Guessing to make scaling decisions (plus a ton of dissonance
❌ Thousands of dollars in wasted spend

Post-iOS Tracking Academy:

$142k Revenue
$58k Ad Spend

= $84k net revenue (before COGS, labor, etc.)

✅ Certainty in our data
✅ Confidence in our decision making (no more “but what ifs”)
✅ The proper foundations to scale

So by simply having clearer data… we’ve increased net revenue by $34K per month. (A 68% increase in true net revenue).

And btw, this doesn’t even take into account the lifetime value of these new customers. They could be worth multiples of that $34K because of recurring purchases.

AND all this without using $5K-$10K/year attribution software that half works.

So wait, hold up…

What is it?

How Does It Work?

What Is The Fee To Get It?

Seriously, you’re gonna love this. Introducing…

The iOS 
Tracking Academy

(What should or could be a 4 digit recurring software… is now a low time one-off payment that you can do yourself. Finally!)

Listen, if it’s time to get back control of your ability to scale, grow, and buy ads…

This is the system you’ve longed for. 

No recurring costs. No softwares needed. Everything freely available. Doable by near anyone on your team. 

By our beta tests, it’s 95% accurate. 

And at the absolute worst? It’ll take you 1 hour, to 90 minutes max to set up. 

See we took the best of our team and created the “Hybrid Tracking” system you’ve just seen. We then recorded over-the-shoulder trainings on how to set it up from A-Z, with all things you need to measure future success.

That means no costs for you except your time to implement. 

Skip our fees, and try this out. In fact, once you see our guarantees, you’ll be all over this. 

So from RIGHT now… here’s what you’ll own and 
here’s how it works for you:

$.13 cents a day this year to 
fix your ad account for GOOD…

I’ve said this already. But it’s worth repeating
“So as long as we are able to track from the first click to the purchase, we can reduce any signal loss from privacy updates.”
Initially, we built in a 13 step solution that shows you how to build the optimal tracking setup… and do it with the least pain and tech possible. 

It Means When You Check Into Your Personal Portal Of The iOS Tracking Academy, You’ll See The Following:

Ad Account Mastery

CAPI, Aggregated Event Measurement, and Domain Verification for your base Tracking System setup

Conversion Extension Window

Offline Event Setup to make sure your conversions are showing up

Breach the Gap

Google Analytics basic tracking

Never Lose Conversions

Advanced Google Tag Manager setup to make sure you never miss a conversion again


All of our “outside ads manager” systems to decrease reliance on day 1 ROAS from Facebook™
It’ll take you 1 (two hours max if you’re being patient and methodical) to set up. And within as little as a few hours, to a few days, you’ll notice the following:
  • Firstly, lowered overheads due to no expensive recurring softwares
  • Offline tracking for *28* days of conversion data (not 7)
  • ​Accurate, almost peaceful data.
And listen, I’m not content with this. I want to show you proof and validation that we’ve tried to make the BEST of a BAD situation. So check this out:

The Following Updates Are All 
Post iOS Updates:


Brand makes $351k Revenue In One Month


E-commerce Supplements Brand $46k Revenue In One Month


Gourmet Popcorn Brand Generates $29k Revenue In One Month

So hold up, by now you’re probably wondering:

“Yeah Ethan, I Pay $4,328 Per Year for Attribution Tracking. I’m Tired, and No Better Off. 

How in the world will you fix that at a price that won’t break the bank?”

Okay, well allow me to put all that back in your pocket, and the new revenue and profit you can now visibly scale inside your ad account. 

We created this because we had to. Because we didn’t see an option. 

Originally it was just to help Opey and a handful of our clients here. But it became something more than that. 

And there are flaws. I won’t lie. You’re not going to get cohort analysis, visualizations and graphs, your LTV analysis. 

But you will get your visibility back. And to be utterly blunt?

That’s about 80/20 of the battle. You nail that, and that’s where you’ll find the revenue. 

PLUS, we’ve skipped the monthly fees too 😉.

It’s a one-off, low fee because frankly, we’re testing this. We created this and we’re bringing it to market. 

So we probably could charge $199 a month with a bunch of implementation. 

$399 with coaching thrown in. 

But that’ll set you back $2,388 and $4,788 respectively. And to be frank, after what you’ve likely endured…

I’m not interested. My agency and coaching business will run on regardless, and I’d like to know we put this out the world and helped. 
So skip the high 4-figure fees. 
Forget the mid the 3-figures. 
Drum-roll please…
Your investment in getting as much control 
back of your ad account is…


Ha, yep!

And one-off to boot!

Here's what we believe: fundamentals beat out "hacks" every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

The truth is that running wildly profitable Facebook Ads is not really that hard. It's pretty simple actually. We need to match a great creative with a great audience, and offer them a great product.

But the devil is in the details.
  • When should you test new ads?
  • Are you facing audience fatigue?
  • Should you try new lookalike audiences?
  • ​How about interests?
  • ​Should you change your landing page entirely?

Human error and emotion cause more wasted ad spend than so-called "Facebook Ads volatility".
When novice advertisers have a bad day of performance, they turn everything off, freak out, fix the wrong problems, then cry themselves to sleep.

When advanced advertisers have a bad day of performance, they analyze what went wrong, regroup, and fix the real problem.

That's why we have built out the testing academy.

We have made every single mistake in the book (believe it or not, no, we aren't perfect).

And we're here to save the day and stop you from wasting more money on ads. Yes, we all wear capes.

Our goal is to make scaling Facebook Ads as simple as humanly possible.

Because that's when performance is best and most consistent.

Want to see what I mean? 
So let’s run the math on that.
$49 / 30 Days = $1.63 a day to try it out this month (half an espresso a day)

$49 / 52 Weeks = $.94 cents to try it out per week. 

$49 / 365 = $.13 cents a day to try it out this year. 

It’s minimal. And the reason for that is because it’s new, and it’s a DIY training. And whilst that makes YOU do the work… 

It is simple (I promise, in fact it’s guaranteed). And it’ll take you 90 minutes in the worst case. 

So whenever you’re ready, click any of the buttons you’ve seen on this page, and try this out.

Your Double Visible Guarantee:

Get Full Control of Your Ads or Your Investment Back
Firstly, in the unlikely event you’re not in love with the results your iOS Tracking Academy provides for you, just send in an email to [email protected] and you’ll receive your investment back promptly. 
For how long?

A lifetime.

Secondly, if this takes you more than 4 hours to set up, it’s on the house. That’s my promise on its simplicity. 

Thirdly, all we ask is that you reach out using the same email above if it does become difficult. We *are* there to help at every step. And want to ensure you get full tracking in place. 

Importantly this means you can take a risk. If you’re paying for high priced attribution trackers right now…

You can put us to the test. 

Either that $49 becomes more valuable than that, or get your money back and continue. Simple.
In the Land of the Blind… the One-Eyed Man is KING. 

*THIS* Is How You Rule Your Shopify™ Empire Again

How much budget, cash, and future profit do we have to waste before we ask…

“How much is enough?”

How much budget, cash, and profit have you wasted throwing good cash after bad ads… 

… only to realize we could’ve paid ourselves instead. 

We’re all running blind. And this is like getting lasik surgery on tired old eyes. 

You’ve seen or tried the solutions. Yet you’re here. 

You’ve seen the one-off price. Knowing that 30 minutes - 90 minutes max could fix your attribution and tracking from here on out. 

It’s guaranteed if you’re not satisfied within a few days from now. 

And it leads me to ask…

“What, literally, do *any* of us have to lose”

This is an opportunity to tip the scales in your favor. Get accurate. Get competitive. 

Use your visibility. Create better creative. Get buried into increasing your funnels conversions…

And watch the bottomline soar. 

All that’s left to do is click on the button below and get access within the next minute. 

My recommendation? Start setting this up right away, or assign it to someone on your team. 

From here, the clock strikes down. It either works for you, or your money back. 



Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a software engineer/web developer… Can I execute this successfully?

Yes, yes you can. 95%+ of our clients are NON-technical. Meaning they sometimes need some help installing their standard Facebook Pixel. That is COMPLETELY fine. We have step-by-step instructions with painstaking detail and over-the-shoulder recordings. AND if you still have questions, you can just reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

If you are technical - that’s great. You’ll be able to zoom through the setup in no time!

Does this really solve attribution after iOS updates?

Yes. Like we mentioned before, Apple doesn’t say anything about businesses using the data between them and their customers for themselves. The issue they have is when that private-relationship data is used by third parties.

This means if a conversion comes from Facebook, you will see that conversion for the corresponding campaign, audience, and ad within our report.

Now remember, Facebook is not able to use this data to build retargeting audiences of opted out users. That qualifies as third-party data. But it is allowed to display that retroactive conversion data.

What DOESN’T this solution solve?

We’ll be completely honest - there are limitations to our iOS Tracking Academy setup.

You won’t get things like cohort analysis, fancy visualizations, LTV analysis etc. But… you also won’t get high monthly fees either 😉

For most businesses that want to see their true, accurate data in Ads Manager like they were getting before iOS updates, the Tracking Academy is perfect.

You’ll be able to make better, faster decisions.

Facebook can’t use this data to build retargeting audiences, etc. from opted out users either. Remember, that’s a third-party using the data.

Will this make my ads perform better?

Yes indeed, it should. If you have better data, you’ll make better decisions.

Who is this for?

This is for e-commerce businesses that use Shopify and are tired of.

Do I still need attribution software?


To be clear, attribution software absolutely has its place and is a worthwhile investment to solve the right problem.

Is there a monthly cost associated with this?

Nope. Just a one time $49 cost.

Do I need to pay extra for any other softwares to make this work?

For 95% of the setup no, the only extra cost will be a paid Zapier account to assist you setting up your offline conversion events. The rest is all handled with free software.

What if I hate it/it doesn’t work/I want my money back?

We’ll just give you your money back!

If you’re having trouble implementing and need help, we’re more than happy to help. But if you just really don’t like it and want your money back - we’ll just give it back to you. All you have to do is send an email into: [email protected] and we’ll get you a refund immediately!

How long will it take me to set this up?

It takes most about an hour to set up, give or take 15 minutes.

What tech stacks does this work for?

Currently, the iOS Tracking Academy works for Shopify stores only. If you don’t have a Shopify store, don’t buy this. It won’t help.

We are going to add in integrations for Clickfunnels.

Will this mess up my current tracking setup?

Nope! You can easily run this in parallel with your current tracking setup and it will not interfere. There will be no data-loss, no downturn in ad performance, etc. This tracking setup can be completely independent of whatever else you have.

Will this work forever? Can’t Apple just block this in iOS 15, 16, 182, etc.?

Yes, it will work for the foreseeable future.

We make updates to the video trainings as new changes come out, but inherently, this will work for the foreseeable future due to the type of data we are using. We’re using first-party data. Apple has no problem with brands using data between them and the customer. They have a problem with OTHER businesses (e.g. Facebook) using that data.




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