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NOW is the time to take control of your testing procedure.

How to Bullet-Proof Facebook ads before scaling with less than 5 hours per week

The proven testing framework used by hundreds of people to scale their businesses above 8 figures...

Hey Facebook Advertiser...

Every e-commerce brand and digital product creator who runs more than $30k in ad spend per month has run into the age old “scaling” problem on Facebook.

Out of the 200+ clients we work with on a yearly basis, we hear the same complaints over and over before we start working together:
 "I don’t have a good framework for testing, I just randomly put stuff up."
 "I can’t get any consistency with ads… they will work for one day, then tank the next, then work again the next day."
  "It feels like I’m just guessing… I don’t have control over my account."
  "Every time I try to scale, ROAS drops. Then I have to restart all over again."
  "I keep getting stuck at certain spend levels. Every time I try to scale spend above $1k (or $3k, or $5k) per day, my profitability goes away."
  "My campaigns work for 3 days then die off."
  "Facebook is raising my ads costs when I spend more."
  "I think my ad account is cursed."

Now mind you, these are not complete newbies.

Some of these statements have been said by business owners/directors of marketing of businesses doing over $500k per month in revenue.

If you...
  • Have ads that work for 3 days then mysteriously stop producing results
  • ​Watch your ROAS drop every time you try to increase budgets
  • Feel like you are burning through your audiences faster than you should be

Then that is good news. Guess what.

You probably don't have scaling problems.

Let me explain. Scaling problems (in most cases) aren’t scaling problems… They are testing problems. If you’ve ever tried to take an account from $1k per day in spend to $3k per day in spend and results tanked, you almost assuredly have a testing problem, even though it presents itself as a scaling problem. 

Let me ask you a few questions...
  • Do you have a ‘quota’ of tests you run every week, come hell or high water?
  • Do you have specific days of the week when you test?
  • Are you spending less than 5 hours per week on testing?
  • ​Are you getting 50% or higher success rate with your tests?
  • ​Do you know exactly what you need to test (copy, creative, audience, offer, etc.) + why?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, I can almost guarantee your scaling problems are coming from a poor testing framework.

The brands and businesses that see Facebook Ads as an asset rather than a soul-sucking, tear inducing, liability are those that have proper systems and frameworks in place to eliminate as many of the unknowns as possible.

It's somewhat of a cliche in the marketing world: "test everything!".


Time and resources are NOT unlimited. So you must choose what to test.

  • What should you test first?
  • How should you test it?
  • How do you even know if it's worth testing?

If something takes 40 hours to implement and $50,000 to test and has the ability to improve performance by 1%... should you really test that?

On the flipside, if a test took 1 hour to implement, $150 to test, and could improve your overall account performance by 25%... shouldn't you test that immediately?
Our team at 4080 has gone through every phase of that process.

We’ve gone through the “test every little thing! let’s see if capitalizing every word in the headline matters!” (pro-tip: doesn’t matter at all).

We very quickly realized that’s not sustainable. Not only were we not getting the results we wanted, it was taking us forever to find winning ads, audiences, and offers for clients.

After 6 years, $30 million in annual ad spend, we've nearly perfected the process

Gone are the days where we struggle for weeks to recover an account. When performance drops for a few days, we immediately know what to fix, how to fix it, and why it stopped working.

There's no more guesswork, no more throwing crap against the proverbial wall and seeing what sticks. It's clear, calm, and consistent.

So what we have done is built a framework for the time-conscious business owner looking to scale their Facebook Ads.

Two days a week, and less than 5 hours per week in ads manager, regardless of the spend. All with higher ROAS. How does that sound?

Now, this is not for everyone. If you don’t have a business already, ads are not your problem. Don’t buy this yet. Seriously. Our testing framework is for businesses that are scaling on Facebook Ads and getting stuck.

This is not a “get rich quick”, “start a dropshipping/course selling/coaching business with no experience” product. We are here to help business owners that are well established, and running profitable Facebook Ads, but having trouble scaling.

We aren’t going to show you how to create an ad account, how to find a product, or how to start a website. This is for intermediate to advanced Facebook Advertisers only.

So wait a minute... how is this different from what other Facebook Ads companies offer?

I'm so glad you asked 😃. Here's the truth: the marketing industry is filled with a lot of people who sell information before they've gotten results from what they are teaching... Now, let's also be clear, there are a lot of very talented, reputable marketers out there. We're friends with a ton!

The other sad truth is a lot of information is intentionally complicated to try to justify their place. If an agency is charging $5k, $8k, or $10k or more per month, of course they are going to want to make you feel like they have some special sauce. You know how some people like to use big, complicated words so that other people think they're smart? Yea, that happens a ton.

If you are on this page, I'm sure you've seen quite a few Facebook Ads courses. You've probably even purchased digital products from other so-called Facebook Ads "experts".

Here's what we believe: fundamentals beat out "hacks" every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

The truth is that running wildly profitable Facebook Ads is not really that hard. It's pretty simple actually. We need to match a great creative with a great audience, and offer them a great product.

But the devil is in the details.
  • When should you test new ads?
  • Are you facing audience fatigue?
  • Should you try new lookalike audiences?
  • ​How about interests?
  • ​Should you change your landing page entirely?

Human error and emotion cause more wasted ad spend than so-called "Facebook Ads volatility".
When novice advertisers have a bad day of performance, they turn everything off, freak out, fix the wrong problems, then cry themselves to sleep.

When advanced advertisers have a bad day of performance, they analyze what went wrong, regroup, and fix the real problem.

That's why we have built out the testing academy.

We have made every single mistake in the book (believe it or not, no, we aren't perfect).

And we're here to save the day and stop you from wasting more money on ads. Yes, we all wear capes.

Our goal is to make scaling Facebook Ads as simple as humanly possible.

Because that's when performance is best and most consistent.

Want to see what I mean? 

Check out this mini case study:

We helped a brand grow from $6.8 million in annual revenue to $10.2 million in annual revenue in one year of working together....
So check out this client that we started working with. Awesome business, amazing products, insanely happy customers. 

All of this to say that they weren't just starting from zero.

They didn't have a bad product, they knew their audience, etc. They had Facebook Ads problems. Notice that they had done $6.8 million in revenue the year prior to working with us.
And here were their advertising stats:
What you'll see here is that their account was a mess. Completely disorganized, no process, no system. That ish was war-torn.

And the results showed it... they were getting ~1x ROAS and were hemorrhaging money.

They faced all the same problems we talked about earlier.
Fast-forward one year after we worked with them to implement a better advertising process, and here are the results:
Yup. We helped them get an extra $3.3 million (49% increase) in a year.

Wanna know the best part?

We simplified their account a ton.
This account that spent over $1.3 million in a year took us about 5 hours a week to manage.

Want to know the secret to their success? Yep, you guessed it.


Just kidding. Actually, it was implementing the testing framework that we used to build the Testing Academy.

See, every single time the old agency tried to increase spend, ROAS dropped off. And then they would go nuts and launch 50 new campaigns to try to fix it (which of course never worked).

So naturally, the reaction to this is to throw your hands up, curse the Facebook Ads gods, and complain about how Facebook is the most unstable ad platform ever.

But the real problem was a testing problem. And it wasn't just a "oh, let's test a bunch of stuff!" problem. It was specific.

Believe it or not, this brand had been running the same 3 ads for over 9 months. Yikes.

Once we dug in there, we implemented our testing framework and within one month they were back on track with their ROAS target.
Here are the results of the first year using our framework:

Wanna know the best part?

The Testing Academy that you can get instant access to today is exactly what we used to scale this account while increasing ROAS.

This client invested well over $75k working with us during this time. Of course it was worth it, but today, you can get access to the same processes we used with this client for a fraction of that... for just $49.

Not exaggerating - the process is the same exact one we used.


The 4080 Testing Academy

The NEW, Simple, 5 hour per week System 
For creating bullet proof ads that scale profitably

Module 1: Introduction to Testing
  • Why having a testing framework is an absolute requirement for profitably scaling Facebook Ads
  • The theory behind testing… and what 99% of marketers get wrong
  • Your “perfect ads day” framework, and the activities you need to do, when you need to do them on a weekly basis. All in under 5 hours per week
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of the testing procedure of one of our 8 figure clients
Module 2: Budgeting and Testing Planning
  • Why testing too much is just as dangerous as not testing enough
  • ​The formula that tells you how much to spend on testing, how many tests you should run, and for how long (this completely eliminates the guesswork)
  • ​How to bulletproof your testing KPIs.. and the one easily misinterpreted metric that will cause you to bleed ad spend
Module 3: Audience Testing
  • What most advertisers get completely wrong about audiences (hint: it’s really tough to burnout an audience)
  • We reveal why “audience hacks” are complete BS.. and what really gets ROAS
  • ​How we’re able to never run out of new audiences to test
Module 4: Creative Testing
  • We go over the “Hit Ad” framework and show you how to have your ideal customer clicking within seconds
  • We show you how to eliminate account-wide ad fatigue... forever
  • ​We’ll reveal our process of knowing exactly what to test, and when. The easiest way to tank an account is to test the wrong thing
  • ​​Why creative testing is the lifeblood of profitable scaling
  • Bonus 1: Budgeting spreadsheet - helps you hit your monthly revenue targets
  • Bonus 2: Avatar Worksheet - to know exactly who your target audience is
  • Bonus 3: Ads manager dashboard setup - helps you read the data more easily
  • Bonus 4: Complimentary call with one of our advisors

Check out what our clients have to say about us:

About 4080 Marketing:

  • ​We've personally worked hand-in-hand with over 400 clients to help them scale their Facebook Ads
  • ​​We consult with over $30 million per year in ad spend
  • ​​Have directly generated over $100 million in client revenue
  • ​We are at the Preferred level of Facebook Ads Partners
  • ​Have worked with clients that have been featured on Shark Tank, Harvard Business Review, Allure, Forbes, and more

How we can GUARANTEE you ROI on the purchase of this product.

Most of our clients that use our testing framework generate hundreds of times ROI on their investment, but let’s go through the worst case scenario - breakeven.

Here’s the math:

Let’s imagine you have a $60 average order value, are spending $3k per day, and are currently getting a $30 cost per purchase.

This means that you are generating 100 purchases per day.

In order to make your money back on this product, you need to make ONE extra sale, ONE time. 

That is a 1% performance increase on a single day. That should be a piece of cake :)

Looking at it in a different way:

If by using our testing framework, you are able to reduce your cost per acquisition by just 6.67% to $28, you will pay for this framework in 25 orders… so probably by the time you eat lunch on the first day :)

That means on $3k spend per day, you'll be getting 7 extra orders per day, even before scaling. 

That's 210 orders per month. Over the course of two months, you'll have generated an extra $25.2k in revenue. Not bad for a $49 investment :).

Again, many of our clients are able to reduce their CPA by 10%, 20%, or more.

But I want to give you conservative numbers to work with here.

If you want to wait and see before buying...

Don't worry. We won't cry. It’s taken our team over 30 combined years to get to where we are at with scaling Facebook Ads. We’ve interned, studied, and paid a lot of money to be in the same room as some of the best marketers living. Quite a bit above 6 figures.

And no... we don’t just mean the latest guru-du-jour… we’re talking about legends from the 70s and 80s. And that’s not even counting the sweat-equity we’ve poured into building our skillset and experience bank.

BUT, I’m not gonna lie to you. You can definitely figure all this stuff out by yourself. It’s not rocket science. The information is out there, you can test yourself with your own money, time, etc. and learn by trial and error.

There’s nothing wrong with that either.

The only decision you have to make is how much that time is worth.

Let’s imagine our testing framework improves your account performance by 10%. Check out the results and testimonials on this page to see that is more than reasonable.

Let’s also imagine that it takes 6 months to figure it out (it would likely take longer, but let’s assume you’re super smart and willing to dedicate hours per day researching, testing, etc.).

Now - take 10% of your current monthly revenue, multiply it by 6, and that’s a good estimate of how much potential revenue we are talking about here.

For an example - a business doing $100k per month could reasonably expect a $10k per month bump in revenue just by implementing this (that’s not including scaling winning results).

$10k x 6 months = $60k.

Is that greater than $49?

I bet it is :).

Even if you absolutely hate our framework, we’ll just give you your money back anyway. So there is actually zero risk.

The questions & the answers

 $49 seems way too low, why is it so cheap?

We want you to get such good results that it creates new problems in your business…

Problems that we can help you solve. Let’s be clear - we are marketers, you are most likely a marketer. So we can cut the BS :).

We are willing to lose money to acquire you as a customer, try our products out, and then ideally you love them so much that you want to work with us more closely.

 Why should I trust you guys?

Fair question. There are a lot of snake oil salesmen in the industry, unfortunately.

So, here goes: most people selling Facebook Ads education/services don’t spend their own money on ads. They haven’t worked with hundreds of clients and driven over $100 million in client revenue.

Ultimately, it’s our job to show you as much proof as possible, and to take away as much of your risk as possible.

Review our testimonials, results, our free content, and see if it makes sense.

On top of that, we have a lifetime guarantee on our products. If you’re unhappy with the content, All you need to do is email us with one word "refund", no questions asked, and you will receive your money back within 7 days.

 How is the content delivered?

You will get your own login to a training portal that contains the video modules, downloadable content, and bonuses, available immediately after you purchase!

 Is this a course?

Not really. Courses (especially Facebook Ads courses) go out of date extremely quickly.

Strategy never goes out of date.

However, in this training, we include both the strategy/theory behind testing so that you can apply it to your business forever (and even different ad platforms - the logic is the same), and in-the-weeds implementation and execution so that you’re not guessing.

You will know exactly how to implement and what action steps to take. The last thing we want is for you to have information-overload and then not implement anything

 Who is this for?

Any e-commerce brand, digital product creator, or service provider that wants to bulletproof their testing process.

This training was built for our internal clients, who collectively spend more than $3 million per month, some individually spending $500k per month by themselves.

But, companies spending $300 or more per day can effectively leverage the strategies - and oftentimes can see faster results (think of it like newbie gains).

Let’s be very clear - having an amazing product/offer is the most important thing when advertising. Without that, no amount of advertising will help. If you don’t have a product, do not buy this right now.

 Will this show me how to start advertising from scratch?


This training assumes that you are able to navigate around Ads Manager, publish ads, and have a relatively good understanding of Facebook Advertising.

You don’t have to be an expert, but if you’ve never published an ad, this isn’t for you.

 Will this work for me?

Unless you buy it and do absolutely nothing, almost certainly yes.

The main problem with educational products like this is that the majority of people don’t implement.

But that’s fine - we take the risk with that, which is why we have a LIFETIME guarantee.

 What industries does this work for?

Any industry/niche really. The process and strategy is most important. The nitty-gritty matters, of course, but the real value is in the strategy. When you have a proper testing framework for one brand, you can multiply across any number of industries.

We’ve worked with clients in supplements, food and beverage, pet products, skincare, haircare, fashion, high-ticket coaching programs, courses, and more.

 What if I don’t like it and want my money back?

No problem whatsoever.

All you have to do is send us an email at: or give us a call at: (724)-201-3610.

Our lifetime guarantee means that we’ll just give you your money back, no questions asked (we may ask for some feedback to improve the product though)

 What if I still have questions?

Email us at: or give us a call at: (724)-201-3610.

Ryan K.

"I made $80k in the first month of following their framework"

Ryan H.

"Over the course of 1.5 months I grew my sales by 175%"

David Z.

"From $0 to $5k per day ad spend within 2 weeks at 2.25 ROAS"

Luuk H.

"I was able to make the money invested in the course back in a few days"

Kelsey W.

"Within 3 months we got to a $33k month in sales"

Josh L.

"Before the framework we did $50k per month, 2 months after the framework we did $240k in one month"
You're protected by our lifetime no-risk 100% money-back guarantee
We are so sure that you are going to love this product, we want you to try it with full confidence. And we can't wait to see the results you get by implementing!

As soon as you purchase, you'll receive access instantly... and with zero risk. If you don't like it, we'll just give you your money back.

Either you’re completely thrilled, or you can simply send us an email at: and we’ll give you a full refund — no questions asked, and you will receive your money back within 7 days.

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All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PACKAGE.